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It's easy to learn how to fly a radio-controlled model aircraft provided that you use a qualified instructor. If you try to solo fly an R/C model, your very first attempt will quite likely end in tears.

CMAC has a number of MAAA-certified Flying Instructors for radio-controlled model aircraft.

To help you select a suitable first model and to arrange a free course of lessons with one of the Instructors, contact the CMAC Chief Flying Instructor
(see Useful Info >Committee ).

Your Flying Instructor can provide you with a copy of the
CMAC Pilot Training Manual and Logbook
and ensure that your new model is safe to fly by following the
MAAA Form MAAA014: Checklist for Inspection of Model Aircraft.

By the way, better quality r/c transmitters support a dual-control cable connection to the instructor's transmitter. Get one if you can afford it. This investment enables "buddy-box" operation with the Instructor, just like a dual-control car. The benefits are obvious!

Typical r/c trainer:
high wing, tricycle u/c, 0.40 cu in motor, 4-channel radio

CMAC Flight school in session

Flight Simulators

New-generation PC-based flight simulators for R/C model aircraft provide great imagery and use very accurate physics. They provide a great way to practice circuit flying and aerobatics safely.

A photo-realistic CMAC Flying Site file is now available for the RealFlight flight simulator. See Useful Info > Flight Simulator for CMAC Field.

MAAA Wings Ratings

CMAC recommends that as soon as you can fly solo, you seek further training towards obtaining MAAA Bronze, Silver and Gold Wings ratings. See these MAAA Documents:

Please note that many model aircraft flying competitions in Australia require entrants to hold MAAA Gold Wings rating.

MAAA Wings Badges

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