Half-scale Cub at NAAS: 14 May 2017

Corinne Pellatt flew her outstanding half-scale Piper Cub several times during the NAAS Cub 80th Anniversary Fly-In held over the weekend of 12-14 May 2017.

Click the image at right for the YouTube AU video of one of these flights as recorded by Brian Oakes from BMAC.

For more information on this very special 35 Kg aircraft, read Corinne's report "My Model: Bill Hempel 50% Clipped Wing Cub" in Airborne Number 273, dated 04/2017.


CMAC Flying Field from the Air: 12 May 2017

Paul Williamson reported "I’ve been playing around with some new software and we captured some surprisingly good aerial footage of the club the other day."

Click Canberra Model Aircraft Club to view Paul's rock-solid hi-res video footage on YouTube.


Omaka Classic Fighters 2017 Airshow

Terry Lovett visited the "Classic Fighters 2017 Airshow" at Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre, Marlborough, NZ over Easter 2017 and captured the action on his video camera.

Under the username "tezact" Terry has now published three professional-quality Omaka Airshow videos on Youtube.

Click the following images to view this work:

WW I Aircraft

WW II Aircraft

Other Aircraft


Aerial shots of Ray Botten's Piper Cub: Mon 16 Jan 2017

Expert CMAC videographer Terry Lovett explains: "I chased Ray Botten around the sky (with my camera-equipped Pilatus Porter) and took some aerial shots."

Click Ray's Cub to view Terry's video production of this event on YouTube. Turn up your sound first!

CMAC Military and Swap Sale Day 2016: 17 April 2016

Terry Lovett has published the following video of the Warbirds day

Click CMAC Military and Swap Sale Day 2016 to view on YouTube

Three March 2016 Videos Recorded at CMAC

Here are links to three high-quality videos produced by CMAC member Terry Lovett:

Dave Millar's 2.7m VQ Pilatus Porter

Terry Lovett's 2.1m VQ Pilatus Porter

Mid-week Action at CMAC, March 2016

Click to view on YouTube

Weekend Action at CMAC

Title: Weekend Action at CMAC
Location: CMAC Flying Field, Tennant ACT
Date: 26-27 September 2015
Running time: 5:45
Video Production: Terry Lovett

Terry's video movie includes both aerial on-board and ground-based sequences.

Click for YouTube video

Aerotow of ASK 21

Title: RC Aerotow at NAAS
Location: NAAS Flying Field, Tennent ACT 2620
Date: Sunday 28 June 2015
Running time: 7:53
Video Production: Stan Rucinski (aka Mr SkyDart)

On-board Camera: Mobius HD
Glider: Phoenix Model ASK-21 - 6.5m, piloted by Stan Rucinski
Tug: Decathlon - 3.7m 150cc, piloted by Anthony DeMarco

Click for YouTube video

For Model Manufacturer's product description see Phoenix Model ASK-21 ARF 1/2.5 SCALE

For NAAS Flying Field location see Google Maps

Sunday Flying Action at CMAC

Terry - AUS 69276 - filmed and edited this very professional 4' 14" production of a mid-winter Sunday morning at CMAC ...

... and posted it on YouTube with the comment "RC Club Flying Day. A sunny Sunday in Canberra."

Camera: Terry Lovett, Date: 21JUN15

Click for YouTube video

NEFR 2015 at NAAS, 3-6 April 2015

Hi All
Only 22 min 30 sec slideshow 'NEFR 2015 at NAAS' (164 photos and 2 video).
Best quality - 1080 HD!

From Stan

Pix and Videos: Stan Rucinski (aka Mr SkyDart)

Click for YouTube video

Remote Flight Demo supporting Tridge's Presentation to DroneCode Conference, San Jose, 23 March 2015

Andrew Tridgell connected to an RC plane with a Linux Autopilot in Canberra Australia while giving a presentation at the Embedded Linux Conference in San Jose, USA. This is the video we broadcast back to his presentation via Skype. It’s low res due to the requirement of using low bandwidth connection. In the background you can hear Andrew and the audience in San Jose. The plane was being controlled by Ardupilot autopilot software running on Linux at the same time a kernel was compiling.

Video: Darrell Burkey, CMAC

Click for YouTube video

Flying with Unix: Tridge's Presentation to Linux Conference, Auckland, 16 Jan 2015

Andrew Tridgell describes Canberra UAV's software development work, and reports that "the port of ArduPilot to Linux is now flying, bringing us one step closer to Linux dominating the world of small UAVs."

Andrew supports this statement by showing (via Skype) live video of a UAV model flying remotely at the CMAC Field under the control of Linux/Ardupilot software, while simultaneously compiling a copy of the Linux OS kernel using the on-board CPU!

Camera: Next Day Video, Tim Video

Click for YouTube video

Dan's Skyraider and Mirage on Canberra Day

New CMAC member Dan Rose, previously with Port Stephen MAC, flies his "Dyam RC" scale model of the Douglas A-1 Skyraider at CMAC.

Following this sequence, the video shows Dan hand-launching his very fast "Top Gun" model of the Dassault Mirage III, powered by 90mm Wemotec Eco EDF.

Camera: Terry Lovett, Date: 09MAR15

First flight of Terry's F5

Here is the maiden flight of Terry Lovett's Shenzhen Freewing Model Co-supplied Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter at the CMAC field.

This model is propelled by an 80mm EDF with 6S/5000ma LiPo battery pack giving 3Kg thrust.

Camera: Dan, Date: 09MAR15

FSAA Scale Rally/CMAC Fly-In, 29-30 November 2014

Canberra Model Aircraft Club and the FSAA (NSW) held a very successful Scale Rally at the CMAC Field over the weekend. There were some VERY nice models on show.

We were very fortunate to have a talented and experienced videographer -- Terry Lovett -- present to capture some of the action at the Rally. Click the image at right to see his work ...

Click for Terry's YouTube video

... and Darrell Burkey has assembled a great flickr album of his photos from the Rally. See CMAC 2014 Scale Rally.

UAV Outback Challenge Documentary, 26 November 2014

Jack Pittar, CMAC elder and member of the successful Canberra UAV team, reports that the BBC documentary of the 2014 UAV Outback Challenge is now out.

For more info on Canberra UAV, go to CMAC News >General News and scroll down to the story Friday 26 September 2014 - Canberra UAV Wins.

Click for BBC video

Black Widow takes Flight, 29 December 2012

First flight of Matt Chambers' scale model Northrop P-61 Black Widow.

Filmed at CMAC Flying Field on 29 Dec 2012 by Paul Beetson, using a SmartPhone.

Click for YouTube video

Maciek flies a gas-turbine model for the first time, Sunday 14 October 2012

Gowrie Waterhouse kindly allowed Maciek Rucinski to solo fly Gowrie's newish gas-turbine-powered Grumman F9F Panther.

Maciek performed with distinction, and executed a 10/10 landing, although this was his first time ever at the controls of such a fast model. (Gowrie reported that his Panther was radar-timed at just under 200 kph at the Temora Jets Meet on 21-23 Sept 2012 .)

Filmed by Maciek's proud father Stan (Mr SkyDart) at the CMAC field.

Turn your sound right up then
Click for YouTube video

Quadcopter as a Video Platform: June 2012

Aerial tour of the CMAC field late one winter's afternoon in Stu Barber's quadcopter. Video recorded by an on-board GoPro 720 video camera @ 60fps.

The quadcopter is a DJI FlameWheel F450 Multi-rotor Helicopter with a NAZA flight controller.

Friends and Living Legends

Filmed at The Ray Murray WW1 FLY-IN PAGEANT (click for poster) on 06MAY12 by Stan Rucinski (aka Mr Skydart).

The event was held at the NSFC Flying Field, Tharwa, ACT.

Ray was a former CMAC President and former proprietor of "Hobby Shack", Fyshwick.

Click for YouTube video

A trip to the Canberra Model Airplane Club

"I visited your club last Sat to see how my friends are going with their plane for the Australian UAV Outback Challenge. I really had a good time.

I've been cutting my RC teeth with some park flyers and helicopters in an attempt to do some aerial photography so you'll probably see me from time to time. Fantastic place you have out there. Keep up the great work! Here's a short video of some photos I shot at CMAC.


Video by Darrell Burkey - - 25JUN11

Click for YouTube video

Ferocious Frankie and MH434 at Duxford

Pair display by the Old Flying Machine Company's P-51D Mustang 'Ferocious Frankie' and Spitfire MkIX MH434 during the Duxford Autumn Show in 2009. Make sure to visit Ferocious Frankie for more information on this P-51D Mustang.

Video by Chris Janssens -

Click for YouTube video

Mr Skydart flies at CMAC

Stan flies his Thunder Tiger E-Hawk Glider with 3-cell LiPo. Video Camera is GoPro HD Hero.

Check out the newly-laid matting on the CMAC airstrip, taxiways and pits.

Camera: Stan Rucinski, Date: 30MAY11

Click for YouTube video

Two Circuits of CMAC Field

Two circuits of CMAC field as recorded on airborne Sony Bloggie miniature video camera. Look for the pilot when the plane is on finals.

Camera: Owen Burton, Date: 13SEP10

Click for YouTube video

Relaxing with an Old-Timer

Terry G flies a Sal Taibi Powerhouse at the CMAC field.

Tom R is on launch control, Ray B acts as relief pilot and Steve M provides catering and inflight trimming.

Camera: Owen Burton, Date: 13SEP10

Click for YouTube video

CMAC Enters the Jet Age

Gowrie Waterhouse flies the LDS Jetmach 60 at the CMAC field. for more info see story dated Thursday 03 June 2010 at CMAC News > Latest News

Camera: Justin Galbraith, Date: 11JUL10

Click for YouTube video

Stirlo first flies the Ultimate

Stirling Jones's new giant-scale model, a Hangar-9 46% TOC Ultimate ARF powered by DLE-222 and flown by Stirlo.
See story at CMAC News > Latest News

Camera: Byam Wight, Date: 28FEB10

Click for YouTube video

Maiden Flight of Vic's New Plane

Vic Jones's new IMAC model, an EG Aircraft Extra 260 2.5m, built and flown in this first flight by Stirling Jones (aka Stirlo). Kit supplied by Monaro Models and Hobbies, Fyshwick.

Camera: Justin Galbraith, Date: Feb 2010

Click for YouTube video

¡El presidente va más rápido!

Byam Wight's very nice and well-flown electric ducted fan Panther with 12 cell LIPO and an Australian-made Stumax fan unit.

Camera: Justin Galbraith, Date: Feb 2010

Click for YouTube video

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