Recent CMAC Execs

Year President Secretary Treasurer
2017-18 Gowrie Waterhouse Mitchell Bannink Brian Malaquin
2016-17 Steve Millar Jack Pittar Brian Malaquin
2015-16 Terry Griffiths Paul McFawn David Haycraft
2014-15 Terry Griffiths Paul McFawn Glenn Ryan
2013-14 Tom Ruut Steve Millar Glenn Ryan
2012-13 Terry Griffiths Steve Millar Kent Jorgensen
2011-12 Terry Griffiths Steve Millar Kent Jorgensen
2010-11 Garrett McDonald Vic Jones David Haycraft
2009-10 Byam Wight Kent Jorgensen David Haycraft
2008-09 Terry Griffiths Vic Jones Kent Jorgensen
1955-2008 pending

The names listed here were extracted from the Minutes of recent CMAC Annual General Meetings.
See CMAC News > Members Only for copies of these AGM Minutes.

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