Procedures & Forms

CMAC Membership Application Forms

CMAC Annual Membership Renewal Process

CMAC Annual Membership Fees become due on 01 July each year.

You may lodge your Annual Fee by online EFT or posted Cheque.

Please follow the lodgement process described in CMAC Annual Membership Renewal Process 2018-19

For 2018-19 Annual Fees remain unchanged from 2017-18.

Membership Type Annual
Senior $ 218
Junior $ 35
Associate $ 150
CMAC Life Member $ 68

Click to download Fee Schedule 2018-19

CMAC Flying Field Operating Procedures

Basic Operating Procedures

CMAC supplements the MAAA Manual of Procedures (see below) and CASA Safety Regulations (see below) with Operating Procedures to suit local conditions at its Flying Field.

Click to download Operating Procedures, 21 June 2018 or view as html

Incident Reporting

In the event of a significant model aircraft accident at the Flying Field - one involving personal injury or property damage potentially leading to an insurance claim - CMAC is required to fill in an Incident Report form and send it to the MAAA Secretary.

Click to download MAAA Incident Report form

CMAC Pilot Training Manual and Logbook
and Course Outline

Click to download Manual and Logbook (a 24-page document in PDF format for printing on A5 paper).

Click to download Course Outline

CMAC Annual General Meeting Forms

Click to download Proxy Form

Click to download Committee Nomination Form 2018-19

MAAA Manual of Procedures and associated Forms

CMAC is subject to operational procedures specified by Model Aeronautical Association of Australia (MAAA). These procedures are defined in the MAAA Manual of Procedures (MOP) and associated MAAA Forms.

Click to access MAAA MOP and MAAA Forms

MAAA Insurance Policy

Each year's CMAC membership automatically entitles you to that year's coverage under the MAAA Insurance Policy.

See Summary of Insurance Cover 2009/10

CASA Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR) Part 101

CASR Part 101 consolidates the rules governing all unmanned aeronautical activities into one body of Federal legislation. It prescribes the rules for the operation of model aircraft.

Click to access CASR Part 101

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